We will be happy to help you custom order your very own Janz Revolver. You can choose from various calibers, finishes, barrel lenghts , fixed or changeable calibers and barrels, embellishments, engravings, etc.

Wheather you are looking for a Hunting Revolver or a precision Sport Shooting Tool,

we have a limited number of new and used weapons in stock for your pleasure. The choice is yours, all it takes is your imagination. We are waiting for you....

The Quick Change System Revolvers  Type E and Type S allow a caliber change in a few seconds with the user interchangeable barrel and cylinder. One Frame allows the use of calibers from .22 lr to .454 Casull. Calibers can be purchased individually, or as a kit.

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Fixed Caliber Systems

Quick Change System

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Fixed Frame Revolvers come in one caliber and one barrel length. These include Type EM Revolvers in calibers .22 lr, .32, .38, 9mm Para, .357 Mag, .44 Mag, as well as the XXL Frame Revolvers in .460 S&W and .500 S&W . Due to the German Proofing Process, these revolvers are 30 percent stronger than required by US standards.